Headhunters in the IT industry

Why choose us as IT headhunters?

Finding the right executive, sales expert or specialist for top positions in the IT industry is not an easy task. More often than not, precisely those candidates who are eligible for such a vacancy are in a permanent position at usually very attractive conditions. This calls for sensitivity and persuasiveness – skills required every day from our personnel consultants and headhunters at the IT-Personalberatung.

What is our approach as IT headhunters?

Our personnel consultants will conduct a targeted search for specialists for you. They not only look for candidates (both male, female and diverse) with the right professional qualifications, but also pay close attention to their soft skills. After all, the top candidates have to possess both management and leadership qualities and be able to make existential decisions for your company. Simply looking through candidate profiles and comparing them with requirement profiles is no longer enough. Our personnel coaches have many years of experience in providing candidates with objective and professional support as well as with targeted coaching throughout the entire application process. Acting as a typical recruiter is no longer successful!

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IT – a sector with its own rules

Identifying top candidates in the field of information technology is a challenging task for recruitment professionals, because this sector has a different pace. On the one hand, it is an economic sector characterized by rapid technological advancements – each day, even more powerful and intelligent products enter the market, and executives and specialists must keep pace. On the other hand, it is a rather introverted industry, in which candidates have to be won over who not only possess specialist expertise, but also the open-mindedness required for an executive or specialist position.

Our placement process as IT headhunters

Every placement process starts with a deep discussion with our clients’ business department, in which we talk about the job profile in detail with regard to the desired professional expertise and the equally important personal skills. The agreed-upon job profile is then used for the respective candidate search.


The first step in the search for a suitable candidate is the creation of an informative job description, which will be published on our own job portal as well as on other predefined public job portals. The description also serves as a first information for potential candidates.


After getting acquainted and having assessed the potential candidates in a telephone interview, and usually also in a personal interview, we send our clients an informative, electronic application file.
On our clients’ request, we will accompany the job interviews and coach the contract negotiations between client and candidate.


We consider the placement process terminated after the probationary period has been completed successfully. Until then, both parties are welcome to contact us for any questions or suggestions.

Executive positions in IT

Positions we are typically filling for our customers are:

  • Head of Sales
  • Vice President Sales
  • Head of Regional Sales
  • Team Leader
  • Business Unit Manager Consulting
  • Development Manager
  • Head of Support
  • Head of IT
  • Area Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Manager
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Head of Product Management


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