Pricing Models

  • Retained Search: Dedicated search with three fixed installments
  • Container Search: Dedicated search with a start-up fee and a success-based component
  • Contingency Search: Dedicated search with a purely success-based component


Our pricing models


Retained Search: Dedicated search with three fixed installments


Retained Search is preferable when our clients are urgently seeking to hire at an executive and strategic level. There is often a high degree of urgency and confidentiality and the search is of high priority for our customers.


In a very close and intensive dialogue with the company management, the required personality profile of possible candidates and its impacts on the company's organization and culture, as well as the candidates' skills profile and possible resources for the direct search are laid down. The search is then performed in a structured manner.


The key advantage of using this method is the mutual financial and personnel commitment as well as an optimal communication between the client and the personnel consultancy. Both parties give this project top priority and dedicate all resources to it. This method also provides assurance to the candidates about the priority the client places on filling the position. Thanks to the comprehensive communication with the client, the personnel consultancy is ideally prepared to represent the client's employer branding (his brand) to the candidate. As a result, the vacancy is filled with the perfect candidate.


Container Search: Dedicated search with a start-up fee and a success-based component


The Container Search model provides most of the advantages of the Retained Search model while reducing the financial risks for both parties. Depending on the agreement, a start-up fee of up to one third of the candidate's first year compensation is required. The remaining fee is due as soon as the new employee signs the employment contract.


Similar to the Retained Search model, this model allows for the performance of a structured, systematic search for the ideal candidate and offers the client dedicated resources in the direct search.


Contingency Search: Dedicated search mandate with a purely success-based fee structure


Contingency Search models are generally used when clients intend to commission several personnel consultancies to fill a position.


In this case, the risk of not getting a return on invest with regard to the resources used is borne completely by the personnel consultancy.


The requirement profiles for the vacant positions as well as the candidate profiles are exchanged in writing, and the requirements are discussed in a preliminary meeting with the client. The clients usually refrain from establishing an intensive and close cooperation with the personnel consultancy after the preliminary meeting, as the communication is far more demanding when several personnel consultancies are involved.


As a result, the important iterative feedback process between personnel consultancy, candidate and client during the application process does not take place. This makes it much harder to add new requirements or to restructure or revise existing requirements, which impairs the partners' common understanding of the vacancy. Compared to the aforementioned methods, the suggested candidates do not fit the position as perfectly.


A major disadvantage of this method for the customer is that the different personnel consultancies do not coordinate their search activities and application processes, which often results in the same candidate being approached several times. This is seen very critically by the candidates and ultimately damages the client's image in the market.


Prices and conditions


Our prices and conditions are in the middle segment of personnel consultancies with high quality standards in the IT industry.


Our fees are usually calculated on a percentage of the future employee's first year compensation.


At the request of our clients, we can also negotiate a fixed fee for a particular search mandate (Project Search).