Suspected Fraud

Recruitment scams are currently being carried out aimed at accessing your private data.


Dear visitors to our website (m/f/d), please be vigilant!


At the moment, a huge number of people are being contacted by WhatsApp, SMS, telephone or e mail regarding exciting job vacancies. The message often contains references to our company, our website and our job offers.


The fraudsters claim to be a subsidiary of the IT-Personalberatung. They are usually located abroad, e.g. in Vietnam. This is a fraud. We do not have any subsidiaries abroad, all of our international activities are done via our organization CSA. The fraudsters aim at accessing your private data.


Unfortunately, these fraudulent activities have increased drastically in the recruitment industry. Occasionally, false references are being made to the IT-Personalberatung, and its name and logo are being used.


How can you recognize such fraudulent activities?


  • The communication is unprofessional – spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • The fraudsters are using generic e-mail service providers like Hotmail or Gmail. We always communicate directly via our consultants. Consultant’s
  • Contact by Third-Party Sales Organization or messenger service such as WhatsApp, Snapchat or Facebook. The IT-Personalberatung never makes initial contact by such services.
  • Unprofessional wording of the job description
  • An administrative fee, security fee or accreditation fee is charged. The IT-Personalberatung never charges candidates for placement services and would never request payments, transfers or credit card data.
  • The contact person is trying to gather as much data as possible about you even before you submit the application documents.
  • Direct offer of a high, often unrealistic salary. Watch out: the more quick and attractive the offer, the more unrealistic it is.


What to do if you suspect a fraud?


If you already transferred money, notify your bank. It may be possible to reverse the transaction.


Make a screenshot or note down the fraudster's data and notify the competent authorities (see below).


Inform the operator of the website/social media platform used to contact you. You can also use the option “Report Spam” or “Report Fraud” on the respective website.


Competent authorities:


For commercial enterprises: Central points of contact for cybercrime of the police forces (ZACs)


For private persons: Online police stations of the federal states
Federal Criminal Police Office


We hope you did not suffer any loss or damage!