IT sales - a particular area of expertise of the IT-Personalberatung

We are particularly well qualified to fill sales positions in all areas of IT and the high-tech sectors with personnel prepared for the current challenges of digitization. This includes all sales positions at IT, software, hardware and consulting companies. We can fill positions at every job level, from Account Manager to Key Account Manager and Business Development Manager to Sales Director and Managing Director Sales (m/f/d).


How did we acquire this particular expertise?


We, the managing directors Manfred Wenzel and Dr. Peter Dienst, as well most of our consultants, have held leading positions in sales in the IT industry for many years and were highly successful in sales requiring extensive customer counseling as well as in solution selling.


Therefore, we know exactly which individual set of skills a top salesperson must master, which abilities and personality traits they must have and we know how to identify top candidates among the many average salespersons.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge and understanding of IT, we are able to assess the candidates’ professional expertise to establish whether an applicant has the potential to be successful in our client's business.


As Manfred Wenzel points out:


“Our consultants can also benefit from my experience as a member of the “Top 100 Trainers” of Speakers Excellence. For several years, I provided sales employees with individual sales training to turn them into top performers - and I still do upon request. I’m very pleased to be able to pass on the sales expertise I acquired and practiced over many years to committed salespersons.


IT sales is considered to be the ultimate sales discipline. The participants learn to understand the particular challenges in IT and to specifically adapt their sales personality to this industry. In the course of my training seminars, the participants learn to assess sales situations and contract negotiations systematically and what role intuition and gut feeling play during negotiations. The goal of modern sales is not to praise products and solutions, but to recognize and understand the clients’ individual requirements and to identify possible solutions. This automatically leads the client to assume that he is being offered the right product or service for his needs. The actual product sale completely takes a back seat. We can quickly fill your sales positions with top performers!”


As Dr. Peter Dienst points out:


“Sales and sales management positions are one of our great strengths. Our team consists of numerous consultants who have been successful even in such positions at well-known companies. This gives us the experience and the personal networks in the IT market to understand the needs of our customers and to find and approach the right sales talents to inspire and win them for our customers.


Over many years we can look back on numerous successful assignments of sales and sales management positions at our customers. Please contact us!”