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Benutzerfoto von Jürgen Kretschmer

Jürgen Kretschmerin the last week Thank you for the successful placement and the professional and support! The collaboration with Dr. Service was very professional and goal-oriented.

Benutzerfoto von Meridge Oliveira

Meridge Oliveira2 weeks ago My experience with Thomas Danner is very positive. Since the beginning of the process, he was always very attentive, friendly and professional. He was very important in my decision to choose the job and helped me during the whole process.

Benutzerfoto von Fabian Pilz

Fabian Pilza month ago Mr. Wenzel looked after me very well in finding me a new position: - Communication was very good - I was always very well informed about the current status - The position fit my profile perfectly - The conversations with Mr. Wenzel were always very pleasant Thank you for the very good support!

Benutzerfoto von Sven Jehles

Sven Jehles2 months ago Professional personnel placement with exceptionally good matching. Ms. Roenick presented me with a potential (as it turned out later to be the perfect) position in detail and accompanied the entire process from the job description to contact/communication to the conclusion (employment contract) and did a very good job. At first it sounds like what recruiters do. What was exceptional, however, was the good match in terms of the position, the company and the values ​​associated with it. In retrospect, this reduced communication to the essentials and left room for the really interesting topics. I have often experienced things differently: various agents offered me positions that were technically unsuitable, which usually only became apparent in the first or second interviews. This unnecessary effort was avoided here and it was a great process from start to finish. Can be recommended with a clear conscience.

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