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poornima pendyalain the last week I am very happy about Mr Dienst support in searching for new role. He guide me very well in whole process

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Robert D2 weeks ago Ms. Roenick accompanied me very well in my search for a new job. She not only constantly informed me about the status of applications but also gave me application tips. Thanks to their help, I had better chances with my applications and thus found a new job

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Sascha Kriega month ago Highly recommended! In my search for new professional challenges, I had a lot of contact with headhunters, personnel consultancies and other intermediaries of all kinds. The quality of the advice fluctuated accordingly and it was often about a quick deal. Not so with the IT personnel consultancy Dr. Dienst & Wenzel, represented by Mrs. Roenick. I was skeptical at first, but she quickly convinced me and I realized that things are different here. She responded purposefully to the wishes and requirements, had valuable suggestions and tips that I gladly accepted, after all I had been out of the topic of applications and job interviews for a while due to years of service with the company. With her friendly and professional manner, she supported me in various situations, including correctly assessing myself. By taking over preliminary talks, you could also save yourself awkward banter (as unfortunately often happens) on both sides. She guided you through the jungle of looking for work in an exemplary manner and I was kept up to date. In the end I didn't have to search, I was found. This has enabled me to find a dream job for myself. All in all, I simply feel well advised from A to Z and supported in all phases. I would like to thank Ms. Roenick for the cooperation and wish her all the best for the future.

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Borris Stricker2 months ago Even though I didn't really want to change, I was given the perfect job here. I am more than happy. My special thanks go to Sonja Groell-Archut.

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Maximilian Montag2 months ago

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