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Benutzerfoto von S. E.

S. E.a month ago I was contacted, informed and advised by Ms. Groell-Archut. And that on a very professional level as well as with interpersonal skills. She was at my side with advice and support throughout the entire process and so my new job, which she introduced to me in line with my professional skills, is not only an insignificant part of her merit. Thank you!

Benutzerfoto von Klaus M Lackermeier

Klaus M Lackermeier2 months ago Excellent service. I have worked with Mr Herwig Huber, Partner of IT-Personalberatung Dr. Dienst, Wenzel & Partner. Mr Huber was very professional, provided his time and support, which helped me in securing the role. Much appreciated.

Benutzerfoto von Papilus

Papilus2 months ago I met Ms. Roenick, an extremely committed and always obliging recruiter. She demonstrated a high level of technical know-how in the matter and combined this with social skills that are second to none. She managed to combine both the requirements of the hiring company and the needs of the candidate. After 4 months in my new job, I still feel very comfortable and am sure that I made the right decision with the help of the right partners.

Benutzerfoto von H R

H R2 months ago Mr. Wenzel from IT-Personalberatung gave me very good advice and support. He brought me and the company, which had a vacant manager position, together. Thank you for the helpful hints and advice! All the best and kind regards

Benutzerfoto von Matthias L

Matthias L3 months ago Mr. Wenzel gave me optimal support in my desire for a change. Both when selecting the company and preparing for the various job interviews. I will soon be working as a data science / analytics consultant in an attractive boutique consultancy. Thank you for your support, I'm looking forward to the new position!

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