Special Services for Startups

We are able to manage the complete talent acquisition process for your startup company. This involves establishing and successfully implementing an overall long-term strategy to attract the best employees for you.


Of course, all of the services described in these chapters are also appropriate for the cooperation with startup companies. But beyond that, we offer the following additional services specifically designed for startups:


Marketing Intelligence:

  • Highlighting the attractiveness of your company
  • Illustrating the opportunities for new employees
  • Painting an exciting picture of the vacancy
  • Being your representatives in the candidate market


Our Experience:

  • We have extensive knowledge of the IT industry
  • We have a huge network of candidates as well as access to candidates who are in the market and not just on the market
  • We know the framework conditions for employees in IT and their wishes
  • We know the real salary ranges
  • We often know the situation of your competitors


Our Services for Startups:

  • We will develop the company story, the requirements profiles and the benefits for your company and the position with you
  • We have special instruments, methods and skills to identify and approach candidates and to interest them in applying
  • We will conduct the whole pre-selection process for you and accompany the candidates through the entire application process until completion
  • We will give you extensive advice on how to conduct a successful recruitment process and the candidates’ expectations
  • We know the cultural requirements in Germany - handling candidates, reliability, when to expect feedback, contractual arrangements, etc.
  • We know the legal aspects with regard to company and applicant data (GDPR)
  • In addition, we offer management consultancy services where we can provide your startup company with an economic outlook and the effects on your company and its objectives