Reintegration of disadvantaged people into society (Christmas 2021)

The IT-Personalberatung Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co. KG has made a Christmas donation to nonprofit organizations and associations in the regional vicinity of our headquarters or our branch offices for many years. This year, we would like to support the Landshuter Netzwerk e.V.


This association has been committed to helping disadvantaged people in our society. One of its main objectives is to enable people suffering e.g. from addictions and mental illness to manage their lives as independently as possible. The main focus lies on personal responsibility, self-determination as well as helping these people to help themselves.


The Landshuter Netzwerk e.V. offers the following services:

  • Outpatient support for people suffering from mental illness with day center, supervised accommodation and inclusive businesses
  • Addiction counseling and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Addiction prevention
  • Immigration counseling
  • Drop-in services for senior citizens in the senior educational and cultural center as well as specialist counseling in the areas of dementia and care


Why did we choose the Landshuter Netzwerk e.V. this year? Herwig Huber, regional partner of the IT Personalberatung explains: "Thanks to the easily accessible services for communication and integration provided by the Landshuter Netzwerk, people suffering from addictions and mental illness are reintegrated into society and everyday social interactions and benefit in particular from a structured daily routine. An aspect that is of special importance in times of limited social interaction during the current COVID-19 pandemic."


With its donation, the IT-Personalberatung wants to support the socially important integration activities of the Landshuter Netzwerk e.V.. Mr. Jürgen Handschuch (Managing Director) and Mr. Lothar Schels (Vice Chairman) gladly accepted the donation on December 08, 2021 and expressed many thanks.