Digital Heroes Festival

We participated in the Digital Heroes Festival in Stuttgart as Top 100 Entrepreneurs chosen by Speakers Excellence, and fully enjoyed the vibrant, innovative atmosphere. What a day full of new ideas, energy and presentations!


The Digital Heroes Festival offers a platform for start-ups, corporates, investors and consultants who wish to showcase their innovative ideas and to actively network. There are also experts present offering advice and guidance on how to perpetuate success.


They are very rare to come by and always an exceptional experience: World-changing presentations! That's exactly what Karl-Heinz Land gave us. Karl-Heinz Land has been experiencing and actively shaping technological progress and digitization for 35 years. He is a bestselling author (e.g. Earth 5.0: http://www.erde50.de/ ) and co-author of four successful management books.


In his presentation titled "Digital starts with people - and with changing their mindset," he calls for actively shaping the digital transformation and encourages us to face the future.


Headlines such as: "Why technological progress and digitization save us from needing a second planet", "Digital Darwinism - adapt or die - the silent attack on your business model and brand", "Digital transformation punishes the latecomer", "Me: anytime, anywhere, immediately - the new power of the consumer" immediately caught our attention and resulted in an active participation and many creative ideas.


Mr. Land offers fresh ideas on how climate change, waste of resources, poverty and hunger might be solved through digitization. Who would have expected topics such as "a different capitalism" and "unconditional basic income" at Digital Heroes? It was truly surprising and convincing. So onwards to a new industrial revolution, one that we can actively shape!


More information available at: https://digitalhero.de/speaker/karl-heinz-land/