EuroCIS: Top performances in the IT-Personalberatung can only be achieved through industry expertise!

As a specialist in the retail industry, we consider the EuroCIS to be one of the most important events of the year. This time, it turned out to be a particularly exciting and highly motivating "excursion" into the latest developments in retail technology.


The battle for customers by means of new realms of experience based on sophisticated IT technologies faces retail with major challenges. Innovative shopping technologies offer more and more services and take even industry insiders by surprise.


We found the "shopping assistants" available on mobile terminals or as a smartphone app to be particularly interesting and extremely useful. Beyond its intended purpose as a "self-scanning tool", it offered a multitude of useful functions such as e-couponing, shopping lists, in-store navigation or mobile payment.


We still believe that the different sales channels, such as online, mail order or in-store sales, are the biggest challenge to the retail industry. In the future, different supply chain processes and applications will be subsumed under the term "omnichannel" to create integrated solutions, for only then will it be possible to develop the full potential of the different sales channels and to operate them on a profitable basis.


For us as personnel consultants, the IT retail industry will always remain a challenge. We likewise have to immerse ourselves into the world of retail IT, be it omnichannel, mobility, check-out, digital store, ERP, inventory management or analytics, in order to win over the best candidates for our retail clients by presenting ourselves as experts.


As seen by the example of the retail industry, our industry expertise gives us access to top candidates not only on the market but in the market.


Manfred Wenzel and Viktoria Roenick

Experts for Retail, E-Commerce, Logistics and Manufacturing