EuroShop – The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair

The IT-Personalberatung is focused on information technology and high-tech topics. However, most consultants choose to specialize in additional sectors or areas of technology. Viktoria Roenick and Manfred Wenzel, for example, specialize in IT in retail and logistics.


Visiting the EuroShop trade fair is therefore a "must" for Ms. Roenick and Mr. Wenzel to keep track of the latest technological developments, to recognize trends, to strengthen our customer network and to gain the special and valuable access to the IT retail candidate market.


With more than 100,000 visitors and over 2,000 exhibitors from over 60 countries, it was the largest EuroShop in its 50-year history. The five-day fair in Düsseldorf attracted specialized visitors from 138 countries, who were fascinated by the wide variety of products and the high degree of innovation displayed at the creatively decorated booths.


With a multitude of trade fair themes to choose from, the retail technology sector is the one we consider the most important. Due to the rapid pace of technological change, the EuroCIS Trade Fair for Retail Technology takes place every year in Düsseldorf, and every three years as part of the EuroShop trade fair.


The dominant topics of the EuroShop 2017 were the digitalization in retail, customized omnichannel solutions, emotionalization of the shopping experience and the digital transformation in retail companies.


Online retailing is currently forcing the industry to invest heavily in their stationary retail stores. Due to the increasing competition with online retailers, the retail industry is challenged to make their stores more attractive and to develop crossmedia strategies to create connected retail stores.


If, for example, retail companies would make their logistics centers available for online shopping, delivery times could be guaranteed that a retailer selling exclusively online will hardly be able to achieve. In our opinion, the future success of retail companies lies in implementing a multichannel strategy, and a state-of-the-art information technology is the key to success. And this is exactly the focus of the IT-Personalberatung.


Link to EuroShop Media Center: http://www.euroshop.de/cgi-bin/md_euroshop/lib/pub/tt.cgi/Startseite_MediaCenter.html?oid=11234&lang=1&ticket=g_u_e_s_t