Review Knowledge Forum 2015

Over the course of many years, the Speakers Excellence Knowledge Forum has established itself as a top event for high-caliber moderators, contributors and speakers, who are capturing their audience with inspiring lectures, impulses and shows and provide valuable suggestions for successful companies.


As a member of the "Top 100 Trainers" of Speakers Excellence, the IT-Personalberatung and its consultants participated in this event.


A summary of inspiring messages from different speakers on successful entrepreneurship:


Contributor Vince Ebert: "Successful by chance!"


Companies that are willing to change and embrace coincidences will likely become the most successful in the long run! The major obstacle to change is the fear of failure!


Anitra Eggler: "A digital time-out for more quality time, success, and fun at work"


Today, we are exposed to a continuous stream of emails and constant digital networking via social media. This often creates symptoms similar to burnout. Ms. Eggler clearly explains how to escape the grasp of digital media, at least temporarily, by following a 10-step process. Of particular interest to us was the idea to start each day "offline" and to create "email hours".


Alexander S. Kaufmann: "Sales Power"


"He who does not move with the times, will be removed over time"


His five professional lessons include:

1) HEALTH: healthy, but also spiritual (!) nourishment, exercise and relaxation

2) JOB: should be something you feel passionate and excited about

3) FINANCES: "Money is not everything, but we can't do without it"!

4) RELATIONSHIPS: finding harmony in work and life

5) MEANING OF LIFE: are my tasks and qualifications in line with my life goals?


Even though these insights are not new, they still have a high degree of personal relevance.


Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich: "Meet Gunter, your inner sloth!"


Gunter is a little parasite living inside of us that is keeping us from being happy. Gunter is full of fear, and makes all acquired behaviors look like the safe path to take. Even if Gunter knows that there is a big pile of dung at the end of the path, he nevertheless prefers it to an unknown one. Gunter's biggest enemy is the spirit of adventure, the thirst for new experience and for self-fulfillment...




"Every time I dare to face a challenge, I learn how to do it!"


"By looking for culprits, we victimize ourselves!"


"Some people light up a room when they arrive...others when they leave!"


Sven Gábor Jánzky: "Living environments in 2025 - how we will live and work in the future".


Winners are created in times of change. We decide if we win or lose. We have to learn to embrace change as an opportunity, and to stray from the beaten path of rules and routine.


Computer technology is advancing rapidly, forcing us to keep pace. Mr. Janszki predicts that human decisions will change, as we rely more and more on the support by our electronic assistants. Expertise will be devalued, as consultation takes place online and is publicly available.


As this will also have an impact on conventional personnel consultancy, we will keep an eye on trends and new methods.


Jörg Löhr: "Success and motivation in times of change"


How can you be successful and stay motivated in times of change? Take the following personal measures:

  • Raise your standards
  • Change limiting convictions
  • Find your strategy!


What can be done if you can't find a strategy? Look for inspiration in people who have already reached your goal. Watch closely how these people proceed. Take them as a role model.


And what can be done if your strategy is not successful? Find a new strategy or modify the current one. If that doesn't work, change it again and again until you reach your goal and satisfy your demands.


Most people stay in the safety of their comfort zone and simply reduce their demands.


Enthusiasm as a key factor for success:


Enthusiasm, passion, dedication. Passion is like a fire. It often makes the difference between winners and losers. With enthusiasm, we can achieve anything!