Monster Recruiting Day

Our consultant Viktoria Roenick represented the IT-Personalberatung at the MONSTER Recruiting Day 2018 and gathered lots of valuable information. She was particularly impressed by the following presentation:


Digitization in HR and Mobile Recruiting


This presentation by Professor Dr. Sven Laumer introduced Viktoria Roenick to alien beings: Chatbots, the digital users' best friends. Why, you ask?


Digital users believe that a communication has failed if they do not receive a response within 10 minutes. Human communication behavior has changed dramatically. Expectations regarding the accessibility of information have increased (in short, information is expected faster and at any time).


The search for jobs and vacancies has also changed. Within three years, the search for vacancies by smartphone has increased by 26%. More than half of the current job seekers use their smartphones to search for jobs.


Any spare time, e.g. on the bus or at the stop, is efficiently used. Questions about the position are expected to be answered within the same time frame, if possible by directly contacting the responsible employees as well as by receiving status reports via apps. A quick response is expected. Job seekers are not willing to wait for hours, or even days, for a response.


Mobile = fast. How can companies meet this demand? Nobody wants to risk losing candidates. Does this mean round-the-clock service, 24/7, even on weekends? This is where the chatbots, our digital communication partners, come into play: they are able to provide job seekers with key information about the position, the company, or possible career moves thanks to automated responses. But that's not all: in the course of the "information exchange" the chatbots collect all information required for the application. If no suitable job is available at the time, the applicant will receive daily updates on new vacancies, events or company news. As an additional feature, the complete application process can be displayed by integrating the respective functions.


But here's the catch: in case of comprehension problems or questions that the chatbot is unable to answer, a "real life" recruiter has to step in and continue with the conversation as quickly as possible -rather than days or even just 24 hours later.


Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 2000) is particularly interested in using chatbots for their job search - that's a wide range of applicants. How many companies have catered to their needs so far? According to recent studies, not even10%!


So much for Professor Dr. Sven Laumer's presentation.


To what extent does the IT-Personalberatung meet the user's demands?


Both our website and our job offers have been optimized for smartphones. The job offers are easy to find and candidates can choose between different ways of application.


The recently implemented short application is aimed at smartphone users who are interested in a position and want to get in touch with the IT-Personalberatung on the spur of the moment.


As a further service, we create videos of particularly exciting job offers and publish them on YouTube, thereby offering candidates an informative and entertaining way of obtaining information.