Monster Symposium 2019

Modern recruiting needs digitization to meet the applicants' expectations for a quick and result-oriented application process. However, our main focus should be on the individual that needs to be approached and engaged on a personal level.


At the Monster Symposium 2019, more than 300 participants from the HR sector explored the changes and challenges brought about by the digitization of recruitment processes and work environments. Another topic was of course the ideal talent management under the principle: Keeping the balance between digitization and the individual with its personal needs.


After intense focus sessions, presentations, and discussions among the participants, the result was clear: Digitization and the individual human being go "hand in hand". Only then will we be able to successfully acquire talent in future markets. This conclusion is based, among others, on the core findings of the study "Recruiting Trends 2019" that was presented in a keynote lecture by Professor Tim Weitzel, the head of the study.


The findings of the study "Recruiting Trends 2019" are now available online via this link. We as participants would like to thank the organizers for a fulfilling day and are looking forward to new impulses in 2020.