Lasting Impressions from the PERSONAL SÜD Trade Fair held on May 9-10, 2017 in Stuttgart

On May 9-10, 2017, the PERSONAL SÜD and the concurrently held Corporate Health Convention took place in the largest exhibition hall of the Trade Fair Stuttgart.


Over 5000 executives and employees of personnel consultancies came together to discuss the latest developments in the working world at Southern Germany's largest trade fair for personnel management. 315 exhibitors presented the latest solutions on the market. The visitors were particularly impressed by the accompanying program with over 180 lectures, panel discussions and interactive forums.


Prof. Wolfgang Henseler projected us into a near future world. Under the headline


"Digital Transformation - How the "Generation Network" Changes the Working World",


we were given the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the future. The world is becoming increasingly complex. Industry 4.0 is just the beginning. We will travel in driverless cars while Amazon & Co. fill our refrigerators, keep our house clean and automatically order new toothpaste if we are running low.


How does that impact our way of thinking, of learning and of working together?


Prof. Wolfgang Henseler holds a professorship at Pforzheim University at the department of Digital Media and Master of Creative Directions. He is the founder and Managing Creative Director of SENSORY-MINDS, a design studio for new media and innovative technologies.


Within the framework of the PERSONAL SÜD and the campaign "GREAT PLACE TO WORK ®", Germany's best employers 2017 introduced themselves. We were particularly pleased to see that several of our clients were among them.