The “SWR Aktuell” radio show conducted an interview with the experts of the IT Personalberatung Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co.KG.

Topic: The shortage of IT specialists in Germany and the expansion of the search for personnel to EU countries outside Germany. In particular, we talked about how to attract IT specialists to a company taking the Federal Armed Forces as an example.


We are very proud to have been chosen as experts for these hot topics by the SWR team.


The interview was conducted between Ms. Dagmar Freudenreich, presenter of the radio show "SWR Aktuell" and Dr. Peter Dienst, managing director of the IT-Personalberatung.


The following questions were addressed:


What attracts IT specialists to a particular employer, e.g. the Federal Armed Forces?


When it comes to attracting IT specialists, a company that is successful, offers outstanding benefits as well as attractive prospects to its employees, and has an excellent image and a good perception on the IT market has significant competitive advantages.


What does an employer have to do to be perceived as a "good employer"?


This greatly depends on the image building and enhancement qualities of a company. These qualities are highly diverse, complex and multi-faceted. In no way is it sufficient to simply self-identify as "family-friendly employer" or "cool high-tech company". IT specialists have a wide range of evaluation criteria to determine whether an employer is perceived as "good". This means that a company has to take numerous and complex measures to be perceived in a positive light.


Is attracting IT specialists from other EU countries an option? Is there a danger that other EU countries will lose a large number of IT specialists to Germany?


First of all, we should look at what the German job market requires of an employee in addition to specific technological know-how and personality traits. For the majority of IT positions, the applicant should have a good command of German, be able to adapt well to the local customs and communication methods and to integrate on all levels. Apart from the language skills, the applicant's culture, habits, manners and values play an important role - an integration process that is not exactly easy. This is why Dr. Peter Dienst does not share the fear that "legions" of IT specialists from other EU countries will be lost to Germany due to the endeavors of the Federal Armed Forces.


You can listen to the full interview here: