IT-Personalberatung: Emotional intelligence beats artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is linking things we never thought of associating before. We teach artificial intelligence systems to perceive the world increasingly better than us. By means of deep learning based on artificial neural networks that resemble our brain, they “grow” hyperexponentially with their tasks and experiences. The can analyze terabytes of data within seconds and are capable of making independent recommendations or decisions on that basis. Analytical tools can translate the digital footprints of potential candidates into psychological profiles. In 2017, Google Hire, an applicant tracking system was launched in the US. In the near future, People Analytics, a HR analytics tool that is “recruiting” high potentials and manages all areas of HR will be available. In 2021, the first service computer will provide customers with pharmaceutical advice. The ultimate potential offered by artificial intelligence can only be guessed at.


Computers need data. Humans need attention.


The intelligence of machines and humans is fundamentally different. Artificial intelligence systems can take over routine tasks and can outperform human beings at certain tasks when it comes to precision and speed. As soon as emotional and social intelligence is required and a relationship has to be established, we outperform AI.


The digital shift radically changes our established culture of interpersonal communication, relationships and values: Anonymous formulas, abstract signs and numbers are increasingly replacing emotions, transparency and personal contact. We confirm “friendships” or the professional skills of algorithmic avatars with one click. Our decisions are based more and more on algorithms whose processes are not entirely clear to us. Computers make and communicate their decisions rationally without providing us with a plausible explanation. Anyone who has ever yelled at the voice of his GPS system knows that. Communication competence clashes with our intuitive need for the “human touch”, for understanding and affection.


The IT-Personalberatung is experiencing a booming demand for digital leaders


Due to the digitization of almost all areas of production and consumption the demand for IT specialists is increasing by leaps and bounds, and we at the IT-Personalberatung are faced with an enormous amount of inquiries. Many companies are overwhelmed by the task of finding a large number of qualified specialists in a tightening candidate market, so they turn to IT recruitment consultants with many years of experience in IT. This is particularly true when it comes to finding digital leaders with the potential to navigate the company successfully through the digital transformation and to play an active role in shaping this change. Furthermore, many companies still have not fully understood that the tables have turned in the application process: A company that wants to attract and retain these much sought-after IT experts has to present itself as a desirable place to work and to entice candidates with individual, meaningful benefits.


When it comes to searching for specialists, software quickly reaches its limits


The IT-Personalberatung plays a key part in the application process: We represent the client and advertise the company and the vacant position to the candidate. Thanks to this approach, the client is provided with ideal, pre-qualified candidates with a high success rate for both parties. However, the key question for successfully filling a position is: Why is this expert, of all experts, the perfect match for this particular company and position? The answer lies in cultivating a personal relationship, i.e. the consultant’s ability to put himself in the candidate‘s and the company’s position. To observe the complex individual aspects of both parties in close and trusting cooperation, to spark enthusiasm for the other party and to fulfil mutual expectations. This requires not only intuition and an understanding of human nature, but also the skill to perceive the other party’s personality traits and mood, to communicate appropriately depending on the situation and to think outside the box. To sense whether the candidate is a maintainer or an innovator, whether he needs an informal or a global working environment. To unleash hidden soft skills and to dispel doubts and fears - software does not even come close to our human capability to respond and react.


Personal perception, empathetic communication and emotional enthusiasm remain the keys to future success.


At the IT-Personalberatung, we literally take our clients and candidates by the hand: from the first personal contact to in-depth consultations and coaching processes experienced together to signing the employment contract. This results in a network of contacts that often lasts a working life. As long as artificial intelligence is not capable of empathizing, of showing appreciation and instilling enthusiasm, personal contact remains the best way to find ideal IT managers and specialists for a company.



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