IT-Personalberatung: Providing Structural Support to Startup Companies

The foundation of startup companies is made of an innovative and unique business idea, entrepreneurship, trust in one's own strengths and a great deal of courage. But according to recent studies, 90 percent of German startup companies fail. Why is that? The IT-Personalberatung Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co.KG can provide you with the right answers and a framework for building a stable structure.


A foundation, supporting pillars and the proper structural design.


Building a successful startup company requires not only a sound foundation, which is laid by the founders, but also strong supporting pillars. Consider successful sales and marketing for acquiring new customers, an appropriate and market-oriented product development, the raising of capital as well as growth and profitability to be these supporting pillars. Then replace these pillars with successful executives, sales managers, finance managers and specialists and you will realize just how important attracting talent and successful personnel management are for startup companies. Therefore, “structural engineers” are required to ensure that the supporting pillars can take the load. The static calculations and the selection of the proper materials are difficult and require specialists. Figuratively speaking, these “structural engineers” correspond to our experienced personnel consultants at the IT Personalberatung Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co.KG.


Attracting the right talent for a startup company is a challenging and time-consuming task. However, startups are often lacking the time, experience or methods required. In today's digital age, where candidates (m/f/d) place increasing emphasis on being recognized, on having a greater say, and on social factors, the term “recruiting”, though still widely used, is no longer appropriate. When candidates (m/f/d) stand on an equal footing with the companies during the application process and at least fifty percent of the application activities are performed by the future employer, it becomes clear that executives and IT specialists can no longer be “recruited”.


Full service for startup companies.


The renowned IT-Personalberatung takes on the full responsibility for attracting talent for its clients. Among its clients are IT, software, hardware and consulting companies, as well as the IT departments of end customers from various industries. The IT-Personalberatung provides candidates (m/f/d) with advice, inspires them and wins them over by means of personnel marketing and coaching. It takes over the entire search and selection process.


Dr. Peter Dienst and Manfred Wenzel, the founders and managing directors of the IT Personalberatung, have more than 20 years of experience advising and guiding startup companies throughout the founding and growth phases, drawing on their own extensive experience in this field. When are the thresholds met, when do the founders have to let go control, and when will management structures need to be established? The key to ongoing achievement always lies in attracting and retaining the right people.


Manfred Wenzel knows from his own experience: “A startup company that relies on no one but itself will fail. Business founders and startup companies are almost always pressed for time, torn between euphoria and doubt, visions and reality, confidence and fear, triumphs and defeats”.


Good sparring partners are essential.


Manfred Wenzel continues: “In this troubled emotional state, being exposed to ineffective service providers and partners can be the death of a startup company. Startup companies need sparring partners that they can rely on one hundred percent, much more so than established companies - partners that offer recognition, motivation, and appreciation and that can lead entire areas of the company to success”.


The IT-Personalberatung is your ideal sparring partner when it comes to personnel selection and the “structural engineer” your company needs. Offering much more than just personnel placement, the IT Personalberatung will manage the entire talent acquisition process for you upon your request. In the run-up to making strategic personnel decisions, the consultants will cooperate with you to develop the right corporate identity and to increase your visibility in a fiercely competitive candidate market. They will provide you with information about the candidates' expectations, the market situation and salary structures, will guide you through successful application processes and will find, attract and win the best talent for your company. The IT-Personalberatung is your trusted partner in all personnel matters.



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