Top managers without IT expertise are outdated!

As Manfred Wenzel, managing director of the Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co. KG puts it: “For quite some time nothing works without IT. Such a predominance of a single area of knowledge has been unheard of in the past”.


Read more about how important know-how in IT is in management positions. An exciting interview by Peter Ilg (freelance editor) with Manfred Wenzel for the news site www.heise.de.


Some more statements from the report:

  • Today, every manager needs expertise in Information Technology, as IT drives business in all industries and business sectors
  • The leading companies of our time owe their success to IT, their founders and company leaders are experts in this field
  • In the future, companies can only be successful if the management has a good knowledge of Information Technology across all C-Level positions and has recognized that IT is essential for the company's success
  • Digitization is not an IT-only project, digitization is the project of the future
  • Successful CIOs will increasingly recommend themselves for the position of CEO


Recorded by Peter Ilg


Click here to read the entire interview at heise.de or as a PDF file.