Stuttgart Knowledge Forum 2019

The Stuttgart Knowledge Forum is an event we at the IT-Personalberatung – as Top 100 Entrepreneurs chosen by Speakers Excellence – have been attending for many years and one which we are always looking forward to with great anticipation.


This year, Philip Keil (pilot, non-fiction writer, aviation expert, trainer and consultant) dazzled us with his gripping storytelling and expert knowledge in the fields of change management, leadership and teamwork. In the air, you have to rely on yourself and your team and sometimes, unfortunately, highly critical situations arise that require decisiveness. Mr. Keil has encountered this kind of situation himself in his over 8.000 flying hours (near-crash in the desert).


As an aviation expert, he reflected a lot about Captain Sullenberger, who successfully executed an emergency landing in the Hudson River in 2009 after both engines had failed, saving the lives of all 155 passengers and crew. “It’s Mr. Sullenberger’s reaction in the seconds after the bird strike that’s so remarkable. Not the soft landing on water. Not the smooth evacuation. But the moment he had to decide: “Do I turn around and land at La Guardia or do I dare the unimaginable?”


As he was not certain he would be able to reach the runway without power, he decided to land on the ice cold river. This decision can be applied to all aspects of life: “Change management means making uncomfortable decisions.” (Quote by Philip Keil – excerpt from his talk at the Knowledge Forum 2019)


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