Legendary sports cars at Zell am See Airport

A different kind of networking: 50 businessmen - 50 different sports cars!


Social networking platforms like Xing, LinkedIn, or Facebook have their merits and provide a valuable source of contact and information.But to be honest, how often have they really helped you gain new customers and contracts?


I am firmly convinced that nothing can compete with live events, and I have numerous examples that prove my point.


Even though most people justify their decisions with logic, they make their decisions emotionally, whether consciously or not; and emotions are associated with our personal preferences, interests, and hobbies. This is where you can meet like-minded people and form business alliances. After all, it is much easier to trust like-minded people.


So stop hiding behind your computer screen. Get out and benefit from meeting people in person.


In networking, it does not matter whether you go to a trade fair, attend conferences, play golf, or, as in this case, participate in an event featuring legendary sports cars.


I hope you enjoy watching the event - just click the image to see the YouTube video!


Wishing you great success in your business!


Manfred Wenzel