IT Consulting: The Days of Living out of a Suitcase May Be Over

Click the link below to read the exciting interview by freelance editor Peter Ilg on how Covid 19 has changed consultants‘ expectations regarding potential employers and how open consulting companies and clients should be to it. His interview partners include André Bindewald, senior IT consultant at Adesso, Kai Hinke, head of the software department at Consol Consulting & Solutions Software and Manfred Wenzel, managing director of the IT-Personalberatung Dr. Dienst & Wenzel GmbH & Co. KG.


The following statements reflect the extent to which the digital transformation has been driven by the pandemic:

  • André Bindewald: “If the pandemic is over, I no longer want to be away for business all week, as the past months have shown that remote consulting works just as well”,
  • Manfred Wenzel: “Consulting companies that don't offer at least one or two days without travel, i.e. days of home office, won't find any new consultants.”
  • Kai Hinke: In the past, online consulting was only allowed if it was impossible to be physically present. “In the meantime, clients have realized how well many things work digitally”.


Click here to read the entire interview at golem.de or as a PDF file.