Candidate Search

  • We use all available search channels in parallel.
  • New innovative IT systems and analysis methods.
  • Candidate network grown over many years.
  • Personal contacts maintained by visiting trade fairs, conferences and associations.


In our search for candidates, we make use of all available resources and methodologies, as it turned out that this yields faster results than concentrating on a single search method (e.g. Direct Search Approach).


We identify suitable candidates by using a high level of creativity as well as state-of-the-art, innovative IT systems and the latest analysis methods.


We rely on our extensive network of candidates built up over many years. All of our personally known qualified candidate profiles are always kept right up to date using cutting-edge technologies.


We constantly expand our network of top candidates by targeted marketing operations, by visiting trade fairs and conferences, and by active memberships in associations and industry organizations. This is also how we establish contact with important personalities of the industry. We constantly identify new talents via professional direct search and qualified direct approach.