Placement Process

  • Comprehensive clarification of the candidate requirements (hard and soft skills).
  • Meaningful job description for internal and external search activities.
  • Identification of candidates through multiple channels.
  • Telephone interview and personal interview.
  • Identically designed and structured application files.
  • Coordination, monitoring, and coaching of the interview and contract negotiations.


Every placement process starts with an intensive dialogue with our clients’ business department, in which we talk about the job profile in detail with regard to the desired professional expertise and the equally important personal skills. The agreed-upon job profile is then used for the respective candidate search.


The first step in the search for a suitable candidate is the creation of an informative job description, which will be published on our own job portal as well as on other predefined public job portals. The description also serves as a first information for potential candidates.


If required, we create a list of target companies in consultation with our client, i.e., a list of companies in which potential candidates might be currently working.


We use this information to search our network and take appropriate action for a direct search approach.


After getting acquainted and having assessed the potential candidates in a telephone interview, and additionally in a personal interview, we send our clients an informative, electronic application file.


Apart from the candidate’s complete application documents, this dossier contains a compact, informative summary of the candidate’s key hard and soft skills, personal situation and professional goals.


This information helps our clients to assess the candidates as fast as possible and to systematically prepare for the job interview.


On our clients’ request, we will accompany the job interviews and coach the contract negotiations between client and candidate.


We consider the placement process terminated after the probationary period has been completed successfully. Until then, both parties are welcome to contact us for any questions or suggestions