Placement Process

In the following explanations, we will show you what a personnel consulting project or a complete, high-quality placement process looks like at IT-Personalberatung. The phases described also correspond 1:1 to the quality specifications of the BDU (Bund Deutscher Unternehmensberatungen):

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1. Initial conversation with the client, presentation of services offered by the IT personnel consultant and determination of the basic conditions of the consulting contract
2. Entering into cooperation agreements, typically consisting of a framework agreement, a corresponding additional agreement for the search project and an annexed customized requirement profile
3. Preparation and concept development for the search and selection process
4. Implementation of the multi-stage search and selection process
5. Assessment of candidate documents
6. Personal interviews of candidates
7. Conducting personality and suitability tests (optional)
8. Confidential candidate reports for our clients
9. Presenting the candidate to the client, assistance during job interviews upon request
10. Providing advice during the entire application process
11. Taking up references (optional)
12. Support during the contract phase between the client and the candidates
13. Further support during the probationary period